Meet the Artist

Jannelle is the winner of the 2018 Northwest Pastel Society’s International Show, and winner of 2016 Northwest Pastel International Show and has too many other awards from recent and past years to mention here. An artist since childhood, she is obviously passionate about painting. Jannelle works in her studio every day, and sometimes produces 1 to 2 finished paintings a week, and she has been consistent in doing that for well over 20 years. Jannelle’s unction is to capture the spiritual, social, and the psychological visually. Jannelle believes art speaks all languages and those who can do careful study of symbolism, color, values and composition produce from the heart, a true soulfulness, a special kind of insight. Politics, social circumstances, all objects and big subjects are all on her radar. Every detail in our visual world can be a message; clouds, sunsets, storms, the simple or funny, complex and multi-layered. With study and being with, everything can be a window to insight and a higher level of being. There is an art to making art.

Jannelle grew up in the boonies of Oregon, married early, and came to college late. She raised (and homeschooled) 2 children and through it all, stayed true to her passion for artmaking. "Making money and having a career, seemed to bypass me,” says Jannelle. “I am ‘way out there’ in my spontaneous randomness and it’s taken me a long time to be more concrete and sequential in my thinking. I’d love to have made loads of money but those opportunities didn’t materialize. I’m envious of people who seem to have it all – and hope to learn how to do that in another life. Maybe. Somehow, in my life, painting, parenting, educating, meditating and enjoying the fascination of seeing patterns in running water, feeling colors, identifying with things in nature all get in the way of moneymaking. Understanding multi layers of meaning in each and every thing is what I want. We each have a different path.” Jannelle is a signature member of Northwest Pastel Society and a member of many other art groups and associations. Naming them all isn’t what important to her. What is important is “being present in the moment and passing on what I feel." I hope my paintings illustrate unity, insight and peace.

Recent Exhibits and Shows

As is the case with most serious artists, Jannelle has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her formal training was in creative arts at Portland State University. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Washington (Society, Ethics and Human Behavior) in Bothell. She has taken various art classes and workshops, but adamantly believes an artist learns most by spending time painting in the studio every day. She is represented by the American Art Company, in Tacoma WA (Saving Trees= Saving Ourselves, is Jannelle's new envionmental exhibit from February 15 to March 20, 2020) and Tsuga Fine Art and Framing, Bothell, WA. Jannelle also shows her work through Evergreen Association of Fine Art at Overlake Hospital, Community Centers and other venues.

Jannelle has garnered many awards from Northwest and International juried shows. In particular the 2017 and 2018 `Best of Show’ for the Northwest Pastel Society’s Annual International Shows. The ‘Best of Show’ 2018 Bastyr University Art Show, 1st Place 2016 Evergreen Association of Fine Arts Open Show, 2015 Award Evergreen Association of Fine Arts Members Show, 2015 Award Northwest Pastels Society Show, 1st Place 2013 and 2014 Evergreen Association of Fine Arts Open Show, 1st Place 2014 Kenmore Arts/Bastyr University Award Show, `Terry Ludwig Pastels’ Award at the Northwest Pastel Society’s International Show, ‘Best of Show’ at Camano Island Harvest of the Art Show, Holbien Award winner at Evergreen Association of Fine Arts Members Show, and 1st Place Kenmore Arts/Bastyr University Show 2013.  Jannelle also won first place in the 2008 San Francisco Writer’s Conference Contest for Children’s Fiction and Illustration. When she isn’t hiking I-90 mountains, teaching art classes, or playing with her granddaughter, Jannelle is usually concentrating on art work in the studio.

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